daphine blue (guitar refinishing part ten)

spent hours looking at colors. narrowed it down to just a few. how can a man pick a color if he can't see it in action? a color sample is one thing, but when it's on the object, the rules are that there are no rules.

so i turn to carrie sweet, my in-house designer, to draw me up a silhouette replica of the guitar body. and then through the use of computer technology, i made some mock-ups. check it!

this is some sort of red. it's o.k. but i'm looking for impact. this guitar says to me,"play it safe. market is unstable. let's move everything into gold."

this was a close one with me. you can never find a decent green booger guitar. green booger, you're the best i've ever played. let's move on.
this was carrie's pick. i have to agree it would be awesome, but my skills are not at the level of this work. could i rise up to the challenge? realistically, no.

this is also carrie's. i'm not sure what this is supposed to mean.

so hours of research has led me to this decision. daphine blue. i chose it to replicate the old mustang that CMG used to play back in our glory days. i loved that guitar and you could never find that blue that was mostly on those mustangs, until now! try to deny it carlos, but that thing was sweet.


carrie said...

i'm sure you can guess which one is my favorite. (i'm so impressed by your photoshop and manipulation skills). :)