twitter, i guess.

all this social networking makes me want to barf. but on the other hand, sometimes i think i'm falling behind. i feel that way about music a lot. pitchfork tells me that the hottest new band is like vampire weekend or like dan deacon or some shit. so i go to youtube to listen to a song and i don't connect with it at all. so i'm sitting there thinking maybe the world has passed me by. maybe i've stopped learning how to love. oh blessed are the joys that vampire weekend brings to the youth. i wish i could feel that warmth. but then after ten minutes you realize that vampire weekend sucks balls and maybe it's time to get a twitter account.

facebook really got me soft for social networking. there was too much poking and getting in touch with people who used to beat me up. so this is my new experiment. how long will it take before twitter turns out to be the next vampire weekend? i'm trusting you on this one oprah. the challenge starts now.