fill me up with your wood grain (guitar refinishing part two)

well what do we have here! a little hole. i drilled this hole because the input jack broke and i just ran a cord through the side. it didn't work as well as i thought it would. just look at that hole. what a pain in the ass this thing is. the internet said i can fill it up with wood putty. ill be the judge of that.

so here we are two minutes into the future i filled that hole so good with my putty. apparently this putty turns into wood? i don't know. it looks like chipmunk log. it's the color of acorns.

i spent about $3 for this and decided i was going to be damned if i didn't use the whole tube. i know their game. you use like a speck and pay for the bottle and by the time you want to use it again it's dry and you have to buy another bottle. look at that healthy spread.

now i got to let this thing dry and then sand all the putty down. sanding is pretty relaxing stuff. the palm sander makes your hand vibrate a lot so by the end of sanding it feels like you put your hand in the jacuzzi for half an hour. after this is sanded we apply the primer. god knows what might happen.


Josh Williams said...

Just make a whole guitar out of the putty!

That website looks like it has some good advice. Makes me want to strip a guitar and sand it down too.

Nick Smethurst said...

This is something i'm enjoying.

You don't answer calls no more?

Anonymous said...

for future reference, if you have extra saw dust from whatever wood you are filling, mix it in with the putty (or wood glue), and it matches much better