wet sanding contest (guitar refinishing part thirteen)

wet sanding. it sounds scary. while spraying the blue on the guitar, i got a run. oh no! they say that wet sanding is the way to go. i was scared. so i started to dry sand, things were going pretty good. then i saw a glass of water and thought,"now's the time to live. i just gotta be me!" dunked that nasty 600 grit wet sand paper and started rubbing so hard. blue water everywhere. man i'm wiping and sanding and wiping and sanding. then i drop the guitar and get a big deep dent. oh, hell no!

i'm not sure what to do. so i put some wood putty in the hole, sand it down and spray more blue over it. amateur hour. i keep repeating to myself, "no one will ever know. no one will ever know." it covers up quick and it looks better than a big ass dent. it's time to move on. so tomorrow i'm spraying whatever is left in that can. no surrender!


marlene said...

Thanks for using Ava's special bowl for your wet sanding needs. Asshole.