dealing with disappointment (guitar refinishing part one)

im not sure if i'm an idiot but i've got into my head that i want to learn how to repair guitars. so to do that we have to break a guitar. look at this fine piece of guitar. i think its from the seventies. i have two of these and they both have no markings on them. they look like harmony's but without any i.d. i'm going to call them copies of harmony's which is saying nothing and saying a lot at the same time. as you can see ive taken the neck off and am holding this thing in front of my new usb camera.

i've never done anything like this before. i have no background in wood or painting. i've used a screwdriver and a hammer before, but thats about it. i have no idea about sandpaper or paint or anything. so this most likely will be about learning things the hard way and dealing with disappointment.

so i took off the pickguard and hardware and poured paint remover all over this thing last night and started sanding it today. but my sandpaper broke. so i'm off to home depot to hook it up. i don't know what kind of sandpaper to get. i don't know how much to sand. if anybody knows about sanding or painting please write a comment about it. here's another photo showing the sanding so far.

as you can see. this might not turn out so well. i will post more as i get involved.