blue blood (guitar refinishing part fourteen)

here's an update. i'm wet sanding very slowly because i'm afraid of sanding through to the primer. i've started using a 800 grit wet sandpaper because it has the sensitivity i need for this moment. since i have no paint left, sanding through would send me in a panic. i get hung up on little things like that. i wouldn't be able to forgive myself for a long time.

patience is the most important thing at this point. so i spend a lot of time slowly working and trying until one day it happens. like losing your virginity. or so i'm told. here's my blue bowl.

wet sanding makes the paint come off and mix with the water and you basically get fresh paint. wet sanding is really relaxing and i recommend it if you need to unwind after a long day of being unemployed. here is a picture of what wet sanding does to towels.

a few more days and i think it's clear coat time. we also need to talk about a logo for this mother f**ker, aka/ bad boy.