body rubdown (guitar refinishing part 19)

so the last time we were here we wet sanded the guitar up to 2000 grit. started getting that reflection. now it's time wax it. there are a lot of choices. compound rub, cleaning wax, swirl remover, protective wax, plain old wax, polish. you name it, they got it. the guy at the auto zone was a real boner. he tried to confuse me with his ignorance and i fell for it. "you can't use this shit for a guitar", he says. i don't know what to do. i go home to find out that that's exactly the type of shit i should be using. i go back and get a few things.

now im sitting at home with turtle wax, mother's cleaning wax, and also 3m's rubbing compound. let's save some time and tell you after trying every combination, the mother's cleaning wax ruled the most.

i buffed it by hand because i was afraid of burning through the finish. plus nitrocellulose apparently doesn't hold it's shine like these new guitars so buffing with a machine is sort of pointless. at least that's my excuse. here it is after a few rub downs

holy crap, look at this thing shine, shine, shine, like 409. let's check out what the back has to offer.

this thing is feeling alright to me. it's not the worst that i've seen. since i'm using the vintage hardware, a little swirl here or there is going to feel natural. now it's time to figure out the headstock and the pick guard situation.


Anonymous said...

the reflection of the palm tree is great!

Anonymous said...

I hope you charge a lot for this damn thing.