this week in the studio......

this week i had a special assignment of recording a few things for the upcoming 'andrew jackson jihad' record. they wanted to soften their tough sounds with my brand of syrupy wank. i told them that they came to the right guy. i just wanted to show a few pictures of my studio space as the final mix goes down. proving again that it's best to work in filth and chaos.

here's something for all you dorks. i borrowed this mic called an akg 451 and it's the first mic that spoke to me in a really long time. it sounds best on any acoustic instrument. it's the only mic i used for the song and when the album drops and the word gets out that this akg here is the hottest thing around, good luck trying to find one. you've just been schooled. you're welcome.

i'd like to leave you now with this little guy i picked up at the echo curio last week. in this work of art, we see a little man who has been shat upon by a crow. i like to look at it while i'm working to remind me of everything in my life that shits upon me, and then i am comforted by the uncontrollable rage and anger i feel.

i just hope they end up using what i recorded. fingers crossed!


marlene said...

ummmm, they should send a robot to detonate your room.