recording drums and becoming a man.

my friend michael told me that in the world of recording records, the drum sounds are what separate the men from the boys. drums are the ultimate pain in the ass because there are so many components working all at once. then there's the issue of how good the drum set is, how good the room sounds, what kind of mics are used, where they are positioned, phasing, and most importantly, the performance.

i usually record drums with two mics and tons of compression, but since i'm trying to become a man..... four mics and no compression! that a huge step in some kind of direction. and even better, i'm letting someone who knows how to play the drums lay it down. it's about time i gave it my all.

brian 'the skin slapper' brunac came through and did a great job. i pointed the mics and pressed record. everyone else was nice and quiet. it couldn't of turned out better.


Anonymous said...

is that a ghost that appears and disappears in the background?

j. felix said...

How are the mics set up on the drumset? 2 overhead, 1 bass drum, 1 snare? And what kind of mics are you using?

Yeah..I'm nosey like that.

novi split said...

that's it. i used a 57 for the snare. one of those akg d112's for the kick. and a matched pair of akg 451's for the over head. i usually do a room mic somewhere stupid for compression flavor. but we're trying to get things super dry on this record.