the last time i'll ever wet sand you (guitar refinishing part 18)

last night i just couldn't take it. i checked to see if the clear coat was hard enough with my fingernail and it passed the test. it's on. i busted out my wet sandpaper. 400 through 2000 grit. first with the 400 to take off the orange peel and uneven spots. it's important that the whole thing is matte and there are no shiny spots. done! then i kicked it up a notch to 600 grit. done! then i watched the wu-tang movie and went to bed.

then wu-tang movie was awesome, by the way. they murphed the industry. murphed it kid!

when i woke up, it was time to check the method. i decided to take the 800 grit and start rubbing it down. here's a picture.

so i was getting pretty inspired and went all the way. 1000 grit. 1200 grit. 1600 grit. and all the way to 2000. the finish line for sanding. if you held the guitar up to the light you start seeing some reflection. check it.

now isn't that beautiful. so the next step is to buy some wax and figure out how i'm going to buff and polish this piece. off to auto zone.