leonard cohen

as you may or may not know, leonard cohen is back. back to playing shows in this country. after something like 15 years, he's back. many would call him the best songwriter that has ever lived. i have. it seems like everyone sometime in their lives has their leonard cohen moment. hearing his music not only changed the way i thought about depressing music but allowed me to bond with other depressed musicians that were into him. it's a not so secret/secret club.

so after being a fan for like 10 years and collecting every album on vinyl and reading his novel and joining his email list, i couldn't justify paying $70 bucks to see him? and i wrestled with this for a week. feeling like i wasn't supportive. i like music. i should go to the show. his music moved me and changed my world. but still, nothing. and i don't even think it was the price. i just couldn't see myself at the nokia center watching him.

last year i paid like $50 to go see a leonard cohen tribute concert with michael mcdonald. i'm telling you about this because when i heard that the frogs did a secret show down the street a few months ago and i missed it, i couldn't stop feeling like i missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. every time i think about it, it makes me angry.

sorry cohen, i love you. but maybe just not in that way. i'm really confused. but when i see those frogs, they make me want to travel across the country to be with them. their songs give me hope, comfort me, and make me smile. the way i feel about the frogs is the way phil collins feels about whoever the fuck that song 'against all odds' is about.

next year is their 30th anniversary as a band. 30 years of reelin' and rocking. the frogs have rocked as many years as i've been alive. each year as i get older, they do too. on my 70th birthday i'll say,"happy 70th, the frogs."

from their groundbreaking record, 1989's, fabulous, 'it's only right and natural', ladies and gentlemen, i give you......... the frooooggggszzzz.