moonlight roller rink

this post is about tradition. the tradition of rollerskating to live organ music. in the 1960's, dj's started to take over the rink. they said that the turntable was here to stay, the organ was a thing of the past.

dominic, the lone organist, held his ground. he knew that the 45 was going to be a passing phase. and he was right. so after like 40 years, dominic still rules the rink. at least on tuesdays.

we went to go party with him last tuesday and here's a video i made. i guess recording video and skating is illegal in california. they came down on me pretty hard. at least i got some footage. enjoy!


carrie said...

some of those old time organ lovin' regulars really tore up the rink too.

CMGster said...

i gotta go there !!!