heaven is a place

i think it was the terrible summer of 2004, and i remember going to the store for some beer and cigipoo's, getting home and turning on the mystery mixtape. and the mystery mixtape was made by my mom's cousin in croatia, given to my mother, and then stolen by me. and it had a song on it that drove me wild for a few years. drove me crazy because it's in italian, so i was fucked. i couldn't google lyrics to try and find the song. i was lost. had no italian friends. so i would listen to the song and make up words that i thought i heard, and then try them out on google. the searches usually went like this...

"italian dude 70's pop conta dina de reno"

no dice. but if you do that once a week for like three or four years then this is what you get. fabrizio de andre and his hit song 'andrea'. this song is a captured unicorn to me. so i youtubed it and saw what heaven might be like if i make it.

and here's the album version. it's perfect. has a 'couldn't care less if i'm singing this or not' feel to it, smooth groves, melody for a chorus, viola outro and the song builds up perfectly. this thing is built like a house.

when i google "italian dude" these days, this is what comes up.


Anonymous said...

in the third paragraph you say "no dice" which is "no dice" like no luck; but it is close to italian the italian "non dice" which like no telling. i think you're a genius working it both ways.