fresh to deft (guitar refinishing part fifteen)

it only took me two weeks of calling paint stores, but i found it! deft. the one with the clock on it! the poor man's nitrocellulose clear coat.

i bought four of them, i was so excited. all other stores told me that nitrocellulose lacquer was too poisonous and that there were safer alternatives. but not lowes. lowes could give two shits. they understand that the greatest shine would come from the deadliest of cans. i guess it's also a pain in the ass because you can't airmail deft. all shipments have to come by ground because it's so explosive and unstable. so here's the body after one and a half cans.

i've been spraying light coats for a week now. sanding out dust between coats. but now i think i'm done. i have to let this thing sit for a month before i can wet sand and polish. they say the lacquer takes years to fully dry out but a month to where it won't smudge when you sand. now it's time to get a logo drawn up.


marlene said...

we were sitting at ports o'call on friday, waiting for the red trolley to pick us up. dad looks down at his favorite tenny shoes and sees blue paint specks staring back at him and says 'fuckin david'.

best moment ever.

carrie said...

great shine!