cutting out a pickguard (guitar refinishing part 21)

so i bought some pick guard material from amazon for like $10. this thin sheet of plastic came in a box the size of a small fridge. i printed the pick guard shape onto a piece of paper, outlined that piece onto the pick guard sheet and now we're ready to cut.

i tried all types of ways to cut the sheet, but it was one failure after another. i broke down and bought a fake dremel tool at harbor freight. i guess it's like a hand held rotary saw? it was only $8 so the laugh's on the world. i also bought this bit for it, because the label said that it was made with diamonds. imagine that? diamonds! the cutting went slow but i didn't care.

cutting things up always rules. dick proenneke says his favorite part of building a cabin is splitting firewood. he's right.

i think it looks like a severed foot wearing a sock. the smell of burning plastic is awesome too. overall, today was a great day in the world of guitar making.

next we have to put some finishing touches on this beauty. clean this thing up. make it feel like i didn't use an $8 tool. the story of my life.


marlene said...

glad today's post resembled a hacked off foot. you scarred me for life with yesterday's nip tassel.