oh, to bevel and countersink a pickguard (guitar refinishing part 22)

so the last time we cut out the pick guard using my fake dremel tool. now we just add an attachment for sanding and it's time to bevel this piece. guitar pick guards are usually beveled with a 45 degree bit on a router, but that involves cutting out a pattern into a piece of wood and a bunch of other stuff that sounds like ass. freehand is the way to go for me. i faked a 45 degree angle and started sanding.

it didn't take so long and i think it's real pretty looking. here's the full frontal.

now the next thing on the list is to place the holes for the screws and countersink them, which means grinding in the hole so the head of the screw sinks in and becomes the level of the surface. here is a diagram i've stolen.
and here she is. this kind of was my proudest moment.

and then there was the moment of ecstasy when i drilled the first hole into the guitar. the screw needs a little help getting in so i drilled a hole smaller than screw itself and that will help to guide those little guys in. i think it'll work. like i've said before, this is all new to me.

next we move on to electronics, which i also have little knowledge about. i feel like i can see the finish line on this thing.


carrie said...

like little termite dust piles.

Anonymous said...

you are, officially, my cleverest friend.

love Jess Shulman